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A natural solution for gynecological problems and health issues related to the female reproductive system and the endocrine system.

My name is Margaret Dr. Pappne Boczor, I am an AVIVA Method Trainer, Recreational sport coach, Yoga trainer, Pilates trainer, Complementary Hormone Balance Consultant, Independent New German Medicine Consultant and smoveyCOACH. Based on my own experience physical exercise, proper nutrition and psychological well-being are the most important factors for achieving and preserving our health. Paying attention to these make it possible to live a good quality of life even in today's modern world where our days are filled with stress. Take the first step today! I can help you with showing you the way but you have to be the one walking it. 

How does the Aviva Method work?

The Aviva method consists of a series of specific and rhythmical exercises which generate changes in the endocrene system of the human body in a natural way. The movement of the muscles of the lower and inner abdomen,  the perineal and the gluteal muscle intensifies the blood stream which transfers more hormones, vitamins and oxygen to the sexual glands and to the sexual organs that generates the healing process to start. The method might provide help for both women and men with solving their problems.

Exercise #8 of the Short Sequence of Exercises:

In case of which problems might the Aviva Method help with?

For women


  • irregular menstrual cycle (once every two weeks, other times every second month)

  • the number of the days of the menses have increased or decreased

  • absent menstruation (amenorrhea)

  • treating the symptoms of menopause and early menopause

  • infertility/subfertility: Fallopian tube blockage, problems with ovulation, problems deriving from the lapsing of hormone levels

  • overweight, when the reason is the lack of menses 

  • Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

  • Painful period, Cramps

  • you have been using contraceptives but you got pregnant all the same

  • scheduling your period for a certain planned date

  • ovarian cysts

  • PCO and PCOS

  • uterine fibroids (myoma)

  • preserving youth

  • urinary incontinence

  • endometriosis

  • low libido

  • hormonal imbalance (progesterone, testosterone, prolactin, thyroid hormones)

  • etc.


For men


  • prostate problems

  • erectal dysfunction

  • urinary incontinence

  • constipation

  • male infertility: increasing sperm count and viability

  • preserving manhood

What is an Aviva lesson like?

The Aviva Method basic course takes 4 hours. During the first part we discuss topics such as the healthy diet, the healthy way of living and the detoxification of the body. Then we move onto the 18 exercises for women and practice the choreography with music. The exercises feature gymnastics and dance moves. The basic course is followed by a separate (regular) lesson which serves as a possibility for practising the movements we have learned so far and to apply necessary corrections.

Where can I learn the Aviva Method?

You can learn the Aviva Method from Ildiko Szucs, who is a certified Aviva Method trainer and offers online lessons in English.

Aviva Success stories and feedbacks

I am always very thrilled and excited when I receive feedbacks from those who participated at my lessons. They are not only important for me but for others too since they get a reinforcement about the possible solution of their problems in a natural way. 


Click on the following link to read the testimonies of other women click on the following link where you can find feedbacks starting from 2009 about topics such as sterility, irregular menses, symptoms of menopause shifting of hormone levels, PCOS, myoma, endometriosis, lack of menses, PMS, incontinency etc.  Please note that the testimonies are in Hungarian.

For success stories in English click on the following link:


The story of the Aviva Method

The method was developed by Aviva Gabriella Steiner who was born in Hungary. Her mother was of Jewish origin, her father a catholic, both of them lost their lives in concentration camps. Gabriella took up the name Aviva in 1946 when she arrived to Israel where she has been living ever since. She graduated at the College of Physical Education with a major in gymnastics. Afterwards she became the leading dancer of the Opera of Tel-Aviv where she was given several main roles. Her parents were vegetarians and led a way of life with respect to the rules of nature. Aviva has already helped several thousands of women and men to become parents. In Israel the method was mostly used for contraception.  Aviva also applied the method for the same purpose originally - for regulating the cycle - and started to research the effect of the exercises later on thus developing the specific movements which boost the blood stream and help women conceive. We can aid the possibility of pregnancy with certain movements or series of movements while with the practice of others we can avoid undesirable pregnancy or help to remove a cyst, myoma, can restore our endocrene system and make the womb ready for an embryo.

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